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Whaia (Hineipurangi)
Kaiawhina O Kurawaka Australia



The journey of becoming Hineipurangi was woven under my skin. As the story continues it keeps rising to the surface, like the breath of a whale.

“I found my soul song when I found my culture” 


It started with a Crystal bowl, a band called the Whaledreamers and the journey home.

I was with Hineruhi the dawn maiden at Te Paerahi a beautiful beach in Porangahou. Hinepotiki / Aunty Te Raina had led us down to the waters edge under the cliffs and taught us a waiata /song. As I played my singing crystal bowl, with the blessing of the salt waters inside, we called to Hinekura, Hinerakau, Hinearoha… all the wahine that had gathered for teachings at Kurawaka. During that dawn naming ceremony I became Hineipurangi, as Aunty Te Raina translates, ‘The Goddess of Heavenly Frequencies’. It was the same time my Singing Crystal Bowl was named Te Manawa, meaning The Heart.


“There are certain times in our lives that really define our pathways,

that create our story,

this was one of those moments for me.”

I knew I needed to be of service, I wanted to support my family, the medicine of our ancient traditions. I wanted to gift it to my babies and bring this important work, my beautiful Aunty into Australia forming the branch of her tireless years of dedication to the empowerment of wahine, therefore creating Kurawaka Australia.

As Kaiawhina / Host and Advocate of Kurawaka Australia, I hope to serve a purpose in supporting all women searching to find their own voice.


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