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fearless feather adornment

Sacred Regalia

sustainable respectfully resourced feathers

treasures of the heavens

ceremonial gifts

celebrate you

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Headdress For Hire !

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As an artist my desire to create is like breathing, if I’m not expressing my creative energy, I start to fade into the void. I work to explore and celebrate the relationship of life, death and re-birth through the bird life art form. A transformation we all must take at some point. I have a passion for encouraging inspiration and empowerment through my creativity.

Using conscious ritual processes I channel natures gifts of beauty and spiritual medicine into ‘Fearless Feather Adornment’. All my feathers are sourced from an ethical standpoint, some are rescued from their own passing and I also trade with traditional Aztec, Aboriginal & Maori Elders. Some of my sacred winged range can take up to 2 years or more to set, cure and blossom into the ‘beings’ they are today. Embellished with a wide range of feathers, crystals, up-cycled antique jewellery and fabrics complimenting the energy, individuality and unique composition of each piece.

In pursuit of your intuitive expression...

Be Fearless !