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Sonic Ceremonies

Sound Chambers / Sound Journey / Meditation Events

Whaia’s unique delivery of crystal bowls and traditional instrumentals form the container for transformation on a cellular level.

RE-TUNE your physical, emotional & spiritual body, back to a natural state of harmony. Much like a car needing to go to the mechanic for an oil change or some new tyres, our bodies need the same level of loving attention. In todays world we are in a constant barrage of information from electromagnetic radiation, including visible light, computers, smart phones, perhaps also feelings of depression, emotional anxiety, stress and exhaustion etc.

If your radio in your car is off a few bars all you seem to hear is static white noise. It seems a natural reaction to want to reach for the dial and easily fix that inner grating feeling. It can be just as easy to fix your personal frequency antennae, to hear your own divine station more clearly, guiding you into a more free flowing, abundant nature.

Crystalline frequencies vibrate the cells in your body at a molecular level, meaning – what is not in a natural state of balance or harmony within the body will naturally want to be expelled. We can class this as emotional debris, shedding that which no longer serves our physical, spiritual and emotional bodies.

The healing properties of the crystalline frequencies lend itself significantly to reducing stress and anxiety, lowering your blood pressure and improving circulation creating a deep relaxation and often pain relief. The pure tone of the Crystal Singing Bowls promote happiness and well being, balancing the chakras and aiding the immune system.

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Sonic Weaver

Manawahine of Aotearoa / New Zealand

Whaia walks with an array of Singing Crystal Bowls and Taonga Puoro/Traditional First Nations Instruments. Born in Hawkes Bay a Ngati Kahugnunu woman, she was raised in the outback desert on Yindjibarndi country in the Pilbara, far North Western Australia. The arid harsh beauty of the land and her Aboriginal grandmother shaping her story from the age of 6. Whaia celebrates her culture and connection to source through her haunting vocals drawn from the ethers integrating her original mother tongue, the language of TE RA/The Sun, singing with a depth of ochre in her skin and mana in her bones. A warrior woman with a soft yet powerful delivery, entwining ones heart, body and spirit.

In 2011 Whaia carved out a 4 year Australian tour with the band ‘WHALEDREAMERS’ featuring Aboriginal elder, Senior Lore Man, Bunna Lawrie of the Mirning tribe, South Australia. Travelling far and wide singing the ancient Aboriginal songlines of the Whale throughout festivals across the country. From Melbourne Didgeridoo Festival, to the Solar Eclipse in magic Arnhem Land to a finale performance gracing the Amphitheater stage of Woodford Folk Festival to 14,000 beautiful souls.

Coming full circle and cycle Whaia has created her own unique cradle of embedded healing phonics. Shaped from her life’s journey Whaia activates an ancient primordial voice that will no doubt rumble your inner jungle, soothe your bones and shake loose that which can serve your awakening process. Resonating an earthly yet ethereal sense within her Sonic Sound Chambers, uplifting and serving the world through her passion of medicinal sonics within the crystalline frequency field.

Ready For Change

Attune your frequency field creating mental & emotional clarity

Email WHAIA using the form below to book in for a ‘One on One’ Sonic Session or to enquire about Specialty Event bookings, & Sound Journey Events.

    Whaia’s sound chamber events are so very sacred and take you away on a journey each time…

    -Trisha Berry, Atlantean Earth

    The Power of Intention

    “Water carries sound five times more efficiently than air and happens to be one of our most receptive and electromagnetically conductive elements. Based on the pioneering work of Dr. Masaru Emoto (whose research in the 1990’s explored the transformational impact of words, prayers, music and environment on the crystalline structure of water – *see imagery below), we have learned that water has the capacity to absorb, carry and respond to our intentions.

    If the words “Love and Appreciation” taped to a laboratory jar of polluted water have the capacity to transform the crystalline structure of that water into pristine wholeness and symmetry, is it possible we could galvanize the collective energy of humanity to channel our love and gratitude to heal the living waterways of Earth?”

    Quote By Chip Richards – Uplift Connect . com


    Honouring The Waters

    “Water is life, not only water is life but water is also alive, so it has a conciousness, the water is listening to us..”

    Woman Stands Shining / Pat Mcabe – Lakota Activist


    Sacred Waters Labyrinth 2017
    Water is Life Uplift TV Feature
    The Whaledreamers at Woodford 2014
    At Melbourne Didgeredoo Festival 2014
    Lacuna – Brisbane Fringe Festival 2015
    Lacuna Promo