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Uncle Rick Roser
Indigenous Artist

Join one of Australia’s rare treasures and keepers of sacred knowledge, Uncle Rick Roser, our traditional FIRE KEEPER, also sometimes known as the ‘Ochre Man’. It is a deep honour to have him join us by the Home Fire.

Uncle Rick has been representing his Indigenous culture through workshops in schools since 1987 delivering cross-curricular activities all over the world. From events in and around on his Gold Coast turf, adding to the Commonwealth Games and festivals in England, Wales, Italy, and China.

Sharing his many talents on Fire Making, Ochre Body Painting, Emu Feather Hair Decorations, Boomerang Throwing, Spear Throwing with a Woomera, String Making, Stone Tools, Artifacts,  and so much more… 

Without a doubt a character with a big heart for sharing his years of indigenous wisdom for all people, of all ages. Uncle Rick is an artist in every sense of the word and we are so very lucky to have this one-on-one personal time with him during our Home Fire Gathering weekend, WHAT A TREAT !


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