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Joshua Tree
Sound Alchemist / Multi Instrumentalist

Sound Alchemist / Multi Instrumentalist

Joshua is a modern mystic and sound healer connected to the ancient codes of Australia. He is dedicated to the multidimensional awakening of self and others through the use of sound and frequency. But these are just some of his branches.

His roots are in training, creative arts and community development with vast experience working with young people & indigenous Australia

His love for music came from graduating from a Bachelors Degree in Visual Art in 1997. “I arrived to art school empty, and my tiny world view was blasted open. The very 1st painting lecture on Abstract Expressionism was themed on transcendence and altered states of consciousness”  From that moment he discovered Alchemy, a theme that would underpin all his studies in Art School and would become a life journey in quest for the Philosophers Stone.  It was coming to understand the correlation and shared relationship of colour and sound that inspired his passion for music.
“My love affair with music began with discovering percussion and coming to understand how rhythms are connected to the cycles of life. I also experienced being able to entrance myself that created a short cut to the deepest states of meditation and also energising at the same time. I began to study the impact of rhythms on neurological process and found scientific studies were backing up my experiences.
Around the same time I learnt how to circular breathe to play the Yidaki (Didgeridoo)  whilst in the Northern Territory. The combination of mastering breathe and rhythm gave me the foundations to play instruments of the world and experience and explore altered states of being”
The Pilgrims path has taken him to the Sound Temple in Nara Japan and most recently to Damanhur Italy where he was introduced to the Music of the Plants and has since incorporated the plant kingdom into his music.
You just need to read his professional CV to understand how creative innovation has been applied to his life backed by additional studies in Electonic Design & Transpersonal Art Therapy. His career highlights include living and travelling in every state and territory of Australia with roles at Headspace, Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Cape York Land Council, Headspace, Greenpeace, Barkly Regional Arts, Art Back NT, Beyond Empathy, Vodafone Australia.

As a multi-instrumentalist, he carries a plethora of sacred sound tools, incorporating the deep melodies of the Hung, Flutes, Global Rhythms and Yidaki/didgeridoo.

Joshua has performed on global stages, festivals and workshops bringing shamanic inspired sounds for both healing and ecstatic dance.

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