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Sonic Weaver

Born in Aotearoa, New Zealand a Ngati Kahungunu Woman of the Hawkes Bay area I was raised by my Aboriginal grandmother of the Yindjibarndi people, north western Australia from the age of 6, this land and the two cultures shaping my story.

It took most of my life to come full circle and activate my Maori heritage once again and I am proud to say I have embodied some of the deep rites if passage within my ancestry. One in particular is traditional weaving and the other was finding my voice, hence why I intuitively coined the phrase ‘Sonic Weaver’. Blending the two practices together made sense to me and I have been sharing these teachings for a number of years now.

I have been working as a professional musician for the past 20 years developing my own unique sonic delivery as well as multiple collaborations over the years. One that calls to my heart strings is my journey with the band Whaledreamers with Aboriginal Whale elder song and dance man Bunna Lawrie. Singing the whale songlines of my own heritage and the honour of singing the ones of this beautiful and sacred country were imprinted memories deep in my soul. Touring Australia for over 4 years together from Melbourne to the Daintree and Arnhem Land to name a few brings forth some of the basis of my work today.


Sacred Sonic Sessions has been my practice for near a decade now and I feel so grounded to be sharing some of this knowledge with others. I feel it is an important time of birthing for so many people. My aim is to support those wishing to explore the realms of sound, the healthy boundaries within this modality and of course their own voice.


I look forward to opening the doors in this safe and explorative container.




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