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Nest Exhibition 7 July – 2 Aug

A Multiple Disciplinary Exhibition


Woven Sculpture,  Wearable Art, and Sound Installation
as a unique body of work created by two local emerging Artists-

Anaheke Metua & WHAIA

Diving deep into their “cultural” roots and showcasing a unique set of skills in
woven sculpture, wearable art, and sound installation
these bold and authentic artists have created an exhibition that is a compelling ode to the strength, beauty, and skill of our avian counterparts.

Their complimentary artworks explore the rich symbolism of the NEST as an ephemeral home through texture, malleability, colour, use of raw materials, sound and video.

July 7 2018 Opening Night

6pm – 9pm

July 8 – August 1 2018

Monday to Friday 6.30am – 4pm
Saturday & Sunday 7am – 1pm

Emerging as an artist from years of deep creative inquiry, countless silent hours of weaving, undoing and re-weaving comes a new personal, creative and cultural narrative from Sculptor and Fibre Artist.

Anaheke Metua

This body of work is a retrospective view of the many and varied homes that have shaped Anaheke’s life and work as an artist.

This process has nurtured an inward journey through her bloodlines, cultural beliefs and behaviours regenerating her idea of  ‘home’ to reshape and strengthen her NEST for the next generation.

Sonic Weaver & Wearable Arts Designer


Whaia creates a range of Fine Art Headwear embellished with a wide spectrum of crystals, up-cycled antique jewelry, and fabrics complimenting the energy of each individual piece,
destined to get your attention and awaken the inner Goddess.

As a ‘Sonic Weaver’, Whaia integrates her collection of Traditional First Nations instruments, Singing Crystal Bowls and divine vocals, bringing forth her unique delivery of Sacred Sonic Ceremonies. Whaia nurtures you through her meditation sound journeys, creating an atmosphere that is sure to put a lasting resonance in your cells.


Aug 02 2018


Monday to Friday 6.30am – 4pm Saturday & Sunday 7am – 1pm
08:00 AM - 06:00 PM


Dust Temple