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Erica McCreedy
Healing Our Identity

‘Identity is not something that someone can give you…you decide who you are.’

‘Healing Our Identity’ is a movement of healing communication. A podcast of raw, vulnerable and powerful conversations exploring the stories and hearing the voices of Indigenous women from around the world, sharing their knowledge and wisdom. 

For the very first time, the Home Fires Gathering will host a LIVE ‘Healing Our Identity’ Panel Discussion made up of Indigenous women and men talking about their own Identity Healing stories. 

Facilitated by ‘Healing Our Identity’ Founder, Erica McCreedy. Erica is of Ngati Raukawa e Te Aitanga-a-Hauiti iwi from Aotearoa, NZ, and grew up much of my life in Australia. Erica is an ‘Identity and Business Mentor’ and big-picture strategic thinker. Her podcast brings forth her story of self discovery growing up Maori outside of her traditional lands and being emersed in her culture. She has spent the last 15 years working with First Nations land and sea managers and Traditional Owners across North Australia, as well as overseas, and is a fierce advocate for First Nations people have the platform and opportunity to share their stories without boundaries, feeling the fear that sharing truth may bring and having the courage to do it anyway, knowing that when we share our stories we not only bring healing to ourselves, but to those that resonate with your truth for themselves. 

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