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Chev Wilson

Gold Coast singer songwriter Chev is definitely one of the coasts understated underground solo artists around. His guitar and vocals whip you up and take you on a ride of heartfelt energy. 

A raw and authentic performer Chev is making waves in the Australian music scene, his debut album is one of many original music projects he is releasing in the coming months of 2021.

He was born to play music. Starting at a very young age he has crafted his performances to put a smile on the crowds faces and leave them wanting more.

A blend of big husky smokey vocals and mellow acoustic guitar grooves combined with a vast influence of blues, soul, reggae, country music and many other styles.

With a deep passion for all kinds of different worldly music Chev has a unique sound scape with a little bit of something for everyone and you can be guaranteed to feel it in his unique performances.

Be sure to check out his debut single ‘H.O.M.E’ available on all platforms now !!

A rare gem to have around the fire indeed adding to his already uplifting original tunes a plethora of covers that we all can’t help but sing along too.

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