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Te Raina Ferris
Founder of Kurawaka



Part of Aotearoa Grandmother Circle, and runs Grandmother Circles / Wānanga in Porangahau, NZ.


Maori Educator of Ngati Kahugnunu, Raukawa & Ngai Tahu, delivering her one-of-a-kind program to Wahine living here in Australia. Te Raina has touched the hearts of Indigenous Women around the globe, from Hawaii to America & Europe, while continuing to provide her knowledge to Marae throughout Aotearoa, New Zealand.

TeRaina Ferris grew up in Porangahau, a rural township, in Central Hawkes Bay region.  She returned back to Porangahau with husband Doc Ferris in 2004 to establish Kurawaka Retreat Centre; which is a sanctuary, a learning place, where she empowers people with her programs.


Raina is a driving force in the movement to reclaim the traditional practices of karanga and moko kauae / traditional Māori chin tattoos. She has taught and practiced her art around the world, having powerful experiences everywhere she goes. She has used karanga in the Colliseum, turned a pod of whales, and can attest to the esoteric and spiritual power of this taonga tuku iho – this treasure handed down to us.


There are few today who have the depth and breadth of her experience in karanga, although she’d never say that about herself!

Now at 66 years young, with 17 Mokopuna / grandchildren and  5 Great Grand Mokopuna, Te Raina and Doc have been married for 49 years.

Greetings ladies of the World

My name is Te Raina Atareta Ferris, nee Sciascia. I am a 66 year young Māori woman from Aotearoa, New Zealand. I have raised 4 beautiful children, watch over 17 exciting mokopuna (grandchildren), and have been married for 49 years to a beautiful Maori warrior called Takuta Ferris.

I grew up rurally, being one of the caretakers of our sacred marae where we as Maori practice our traditional ceremonies. I am a teacher of the sacred call of our Māori wahine, the Karanga. This call is drawn from the WOMB, I use the womb energy to shift time and matter. Ceremony can be created by you; you just need faith and courage to step forward.

I help you access this.

I am honoured to bring to your shores these vibrations to help awaken and energise the deep spiritual energy within YOU. I will bring dance, song, chants, healing and vibrancy to your lands.

I will use our Māori language to help facilitate this energy shift. It is my hope that I have awoken a new goddess within each of you. Our power comes from within, access that power, harness it and move forward.

Awakening the ancient Goddesses within ourselves is critical, we are in exciting times, the feminine energy is rising and the ancient wisdoms are being called for.

Rise up, rise up!                     Maranga ake, maranga ake!
Reach out, reach out!           Karanga ake, karanga ake!
Hear the wisdom!                 Whakarongo ake, whakarongo ake!
Heed the word!                     Mahia te mahi, mahia te mahi!
Tihei Mauri ora!

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